Make client emails social, discoverable & collaborative.

Automatic Email Tracking

  • Automatically track all sale, project and support emails.
  • Make email social, collaborative & discoverable with full privacy controls
  • Sync with your Google Apps, Exchange, or Office365 accounts.

Stream Business Updates

  • Find your company updates automatically streamed inside Yammer
  • Get a summary of client-related conversations
  • Link to information about your client, project and support work.

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What our users are saying

  • Josh Govind, Winner Partnership

    One of the best things is the workflows. Being able to define the process to deliver a consistent quality service is really important for any services business. Everything is really easily customizable and they are always coming up with new useful functionalities.

  • Leslie James, Commerce Kitchen

    It streamlined internal communication—we’ve eliminated some internal meetings because we can all check in real-time to read the latest communications with the clients.

  • Alexis Pratsides, MintTwist

    The productivity of the different departments has been improved because the visibility of what everyone’s doing has improved.