Break down walls between inboxes

    By integrating with the Gmail, Outlook or Office365 account you already use everyday, AffinityLive Sync works without you having to change the way you work. AffinityLive Sync silently works in the background, automatically tracking emails sent between team members and clients in one central place.

    • Free important client messages from isolated inboxes

    • Find all client conversations in one shared, searchable place

    • Get a snapshot of client activity from inside Gmail

    Make client communications a team sport

    When it comes to high quality client service and support, being streamlined means that you avoid doubling up or forgetting to respond because you assumed someone else would.

    • Queue incoming company emails and respond efficiently as a team

    • Connect with Twitter and track all tweets sent between your team and clients

    A smartly integrated platform

    Not only does AffinityLive Sync store your client details and contacts, it learns and grows on its own. Its synchronized database of clients is shared across everyone in your team and automatically updates to your personal email address books and mobile devices.

    • Make your client activity actionable with tasks, optionally integrated with Google Apps or Microsoft

    • Store files and email attachments next to their appropriate client record

    • Link files & documents from Google Drive, DropBox, Box, SkyDrive & more

Seamless integrations with leading platforms