Beyond the E-Myth: 3 Steps to Systemizing a Professional Services Business

24 Apr, 2014 by Geoff McQueen - comments

(This article originally appeared on The Business Journal) The E-Myth was first published in 1986 and as recently as 2007 it was still in the New York Times Best Seller list. I'd argue it should be compulsory reading for anyone starting a business. With over 5 million copies sold, it looks like there are plenty...

24 Apr, 2014

Your CRM & You: 4 Tests to Determine If It's Time to Break Up

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(This post originally appeared on Business Solutions) Remember when you first got your CRM? Everything seemed so promising — a single oracle of truth you could turn to for updates on everything going on with your client accounts. For many, though, CRMs stopped being a helpful friend and instead became a burden requiring constant updates...
3 major pitfalls professional services firms navigate

19 Apr, 2014

The Top Three Killers for a Growing Professional Services Business

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With the recovering economy, professional services businesses are no longer struggling to survive - they’re struggling to manage growth. While it’s a lot nicer to be hiring people than downsizing, growth can easily become a poison chalice for a professional services business. Increasing people costs that accompany growth acts like leverage, and what would have been...
hourly rate

18 Apr, 2014

New Feature: Project Rate Cards!

Posted by Hugh - comments

In the professional services world, billable rates are constantly shifting in accordance with staff skills, competition, changing business costs, recommended fee schedules and even inflation! With so many AffinityLive clients relying on the billable rates features, flexibility has become increasingly important. Today we've shipped another feature which adds a lot of flexibility to the rates system within...

15 Apr, 2014

7 Best Practice Tips for Fast & Easy Client Billing

Posted by Sarah Khogyani - comments

The end of a billing cycle should be smooth sailing - and why wouldn't it be? It involves the excitement of delivery, appreciation from the client and most importantly, getting paid for all that hard work. However, we know first-hand that it hardly ever is. While we can't avoid it entirely, there are ways to...
q2 2014 product roadmap

15 Apr, 2014

Q2 2014 Product Roadmap

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2014 is already off to a big start, with major company changes and an exciting roll-up of product releases. To recap, we introduced an entire family of AffinityLive products with new, affordable pricing, making it easy for users to get what they want. We also released the iOS app for beta, the new Projects Module,...

9 Apr, 2014

Plan to Adjust: Hybrid Project Management for Professionals

Posted by Geoff McQueen - comments

(This post originally appeared on ProjectsAtWork.com) In managing thousands of professional services projects, Geoff McQueen was frustrated by the “structured fantasy” of Gantt charts and rigid planning. But many clients were uncomfortable in agile environments and felt like they were writing blank checks. McQueen favored a hybrid approach and created a collaborative online platform to support...

8 Apr, 2014

Heartbleed and AffinityLive

Posted by Geoff McQueen - comments

Yesterday afternoon (Pacific time) we became aware (in much the same way as the rest of the internet) of a serious zero-day vulnerability that affects the commonly used OpenSSL library. Along with two thirds of the internet, this vulnerability in one of the key security building blocks of the internet affected the servers that run...

5 Apr, 2014

How To Define a Sales Process for Professional Services

Posted by Sarah Khogyani - comments

For professionals, prospecting varies for every potential client. Because selling services is more personal than selling products, many professionals handle each opportunity differently.  However, professional services aren’t excluded from the benefits of having a defined sales process to qualify, advance and close opportunities. When win-rates are low, sales cycles are long and targets are missed, it’s usually a...

4 Apr, 2014

Updates to GFI Max Beta (now bi-directional)

Posted by Geoff - comments

*Since we released our GFI Max beta yesterday we've been overwhelmed by the response! We're now seeing thousands of devices being monitored with alerts automatically imported to the AffinityLive requests module - and today we're releasing another update: the ability to write back to GFI Max from AffinityLive.* Here are the highlights of today's feature upgrade:...