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Announcing the New Triggers Module - Automation²

12 Aug, 2014 by - comments

Automation is in our blood at AffinityLive - we want to make it as easy as possible for you to do great work for your clients, and take the hassle out of keeping track of your work, your time and your client relationships. Since our launch in 2011, we've had incredible automation around capturing key...
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6 Aug, 2014

Q3 2014 Product Roadmap

Posted by Geoff - comments

Q2 of 2014 was a very very big quarter for us here at AffinityLive - and ironically, as we booked record growth, we realized that our product roadmap ambitions weren't being delivered as we'd hoped they would. As we rolled through the beginning of July, a number of the projects we outlined for Q2 -...

30 Jul, 2014

The AffinityLive and Kaseya Integration is Now Live!

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Finally, a true cloud-based PSA solution for MSP’s and IT companies using Kaseya is here with the new AffinityLive and Kaseya integration. This integration gives you a complete dashboard of your IT business. It lets you seamlessly manage client security, assets and overall network monitoring in Kaseya while knowing that everything is connected to AffinityLive’s queue,...

25 Jul, 2014

Invitation to Alpha Test the Triggers Module

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After many months of hard-core engineering, we're finally on the cusp of releasing our new Triggers and Notifications module. Before turning it on for all of our Premium level accounts, we're looking for a few alpha testers who are keen to give it a try.  If you're considering being an alpha tester, the *key thing to...
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23 Jul, 2014

Research Study: How Accurate is your Timesheet?

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As our users will know, we care a lot about time here at AffinityLive. From our new Automatic Timesheet feature[sitetree_link,id=625] to lots of reports on how people are using their time in a business, we know that time really is money. To help us get an even better picture of the way people track their time...

18 Jul, 2014

See the New Quotes Module In Action

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*How can you make quoting more efficient? Find out by getting a walk-through of our most requested and innovative feature: the new Quotes Module*. We think quoting should be easier, more dynamic and connected to your delivery cycle. That’s why AffinityLive has taken a unique approach to the proposal process. With one-click quote-to-project conversion, an easy...
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15 Jul, 2014

The New Quotes Module Lets You Send Win-Ready Quotes

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“Please send me a quote.” It should be one of the highlights of a sales person's day, a strong buying signal that gets you closer to the close. But quotes aren't just a document you throw together to get a signature from a client - they're the commitment of what your company is going...

4 Jul, 2014

Scheduled Maintenance July 5th 2014

Posted by Mark Curtis - comments

We're making a few changes to update our infrastructure to enhance its performance and security. The performance updates are to take advantage of Amazon's new Solid State Drive (SSD) storage feature which should enhance the speed of our epic databases, and the security dimension involves applying new controls and processes to add yet another layer of...

18 Jun, 2014

Sneak Peek at the New Triggers & Notifications Module

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*What could you achieve if you could automate your business? Get a sneak peek at the most important update to AffinityLive since our launch back in 2011: the breakthrough new Triggers and Notifications Module.* * triggerscover2 copy * We've all got VIP clients and we all know how important it is to stay in touch. But...

7 Jun, 2014

New Feature: Automated Timesheets for Effortless Time Capture

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Between excavating data and having to reinvent your week, it’s not a surprise why filling in timesheets is a universally dreaded task. In a world of automation, timesheets should be easy. AffinityLive takes a new spin on the traditional timesheet with the easiest and most intuitive way to track time. It intelligently captures your client touchpoints...