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The Most Overlooked Factors in Project Management Success

27 Aug, 2015 by Eliana - comments

An important mixture of patience and understanding should grip every project manager as they try to place themselves in the shoes of their clients. For the success of the project, this component is invaluable, especially when trying to deliver on time and on budget. This would not only be within project manager’s capacity, but also...
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26 Aug, 2015

Organize your Custom Fields like never before!

Posted by Hugh - comments

That's right, Custom Field Grouping has finally arrived! It's been on our wishlist for months, and when we started building the new Assets module - which can be used for tracking literally hundreds of details about your client's hardware, software, websites and other assets - what was once considered a handy feature became a necessity. It...
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21 Aug, 2015

No Plan Survives Contact with the Enemy

Posted by Eliana - comments

Projects are at the heart of all professional service businesses. They are the foundation that keeps the business thriving and the main source of revenue and profitability for any professional service business. Whether they’re short-term projects or retainer-based services that last for years, client projects are the fuel that keeps companies prosperous. Ultimately, with the importance of...
roadmap 2015 q3

13 Aug, 2015

Product Roadmap - Q3 2015

Posted by - comments

We're a bit delayed publishing our product roadmap update for Q3, mainly because we've been focusing on getting some progress to share - in pictures! - of what we're working on this quarter. We really hope you like what we've got coming in AffinityLive in months ahead! Here's what we're focusing on over the next...
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12 Aug, 2015

Add Clients & Contacts on-the-fly with our Mobile Apps

Posted by Hugh - comments

If you're a keen follower of our AffinityLive Mobile Apps, you might have noticed a couple of new additions get pushed through from the app/play store over the last couple of days: Android: Client and Contact are now available in the quick-create (blue plus) menu iOS: Clients and Contacts have a "Create" button in the...
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6 Aug, 2015

Smart timesheets get more detailed

Posted by Hugh - comments

Timesheets - they're a necessary evil for professionals the world over. At AffinityLive, we do everything we can to make them painless through smarts and automation - we automatically bring in your client emails and calendar entries to make it as easy as possible. However, when we unveiled the Timesheet Entry screen last year, we didn't...

5 Aug, 2015

The Gap Between ROI & Sales

Posted by Eliana - comments

As you know, ROI is the value of the sale divided by the cost of acquisition (or the time you invested in closing a sale). But so many organizations do not have the right CRM or the tools needed to really track the costs of closing sales. This giant gap that exists between the...
CRM quote

21 Jul, 2015

Revolutionize the Way You Work: Take Your Quotes to Projects Instantly

Posted by Eliana - comments

When it comes to working with clients, do not underestimate the importance of your quote. Your quote is the initial commitment you make with your future-to-be client about the deliverables you promised, and providing them with a comprehensive quote is paramount to ensuring the success of your relationship. In reality, though, the problem faced by many...

17 Jul, 2015

Dominate With the Right CRM

Posted by Eliana - comments

You’re a midfielder who needs to get the ball from one side of the field to the other. With 10 seconds left in the match, you need a quick play to secure a win. That’s when you are reminded of the game-day playbook that details this precise situation. You dribble down the left of...
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3 Jul, 2015

Why email synced to your CRM is the best thing ever

Posted by Eliana - comments

Email is the lifeline of modern business and one of the main tools we use daily in our personal and professional lives to help us communicate. But, let’s be honest; email is no longer helping us communicate. You may have noticed that email lacks a team element and fosters a space around the individual. The...