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New: Configure Email 'From' Address in AffinityLive

18 Mar, 2015 by Eliana - comments

Thanks to AffinityLive's smart automatic email tracking, we have always been one of the few collaborative communication products to send emails that look just like a regular email you would send from Outlook or Gmail.  By not having you insert a wacky code in the ''from address,'' ''subject line,'' or ''reply to this line'' in...
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18 Mar, 2015

Introducing Costs & Profitability to AffinityLive

Posted by Eliana - comments

Costs - they're half of the profit equation, and from today they join our extensive revenue/billable rate and budget reporting in AffinityLive! Today we're introducing real-time tracking of costs and gross profit margins to projects in AffinityLive through our new Costs & Profitability Module, with even more reporting and insights to come in the new...
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18 Mar, 2015

Brand New Permissions Module Now Live!

Posted by Eliana - comments

We are thrilled to announce the release of our new Permissions Module - the largest upgrade to the core of AffinityLive in the last two years! Our engineering team worked extensively to rewrite every screen and function that had access controls (which is all of them, multiple times over!) The module was designed to allow...
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18 Mar, 2015

The New Contractors Module is Here! (beta)

Posted by Eliana - comments

After over a year of planning and months of effort, the new AffinityLive Contractors module is here! This brand new user class makes it easy to manage your part-time, contract and freelance team members; the new module will be in beta for the next 6 weeks or so (until the end of April). Contractors are much...

17 Mar, 2015

Contractors Module Rolling Out (some features offline)

Posted by Eliana - comments

The time is finally here - we are rolling out the much-anticipated upgrades to the Contractors Module over next 24 hours! The new Contractors Module will include five major upgrades[sitetree_link,id=916], and enhancements bundled together into one large-scale advancement for all of our AffinityLive users - if you missed our Sneak Peek session, you can watch the...
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13 Mar, 2015

From 3 days to live - to a team of 30 in 3 years: reflections on the AffinityLive journey so far.

Posted by Geoff - comments

Three years ago (almost to date), AffinityLive was 72 hours away from having to close down. With three days to make payroll, we were out of money and almost out of options. I had moved to San Francisco 6 months earlier, and I had drained all of my personal savings - there was nothing...

5 Mar, 2015

New Contractors Module - Watch the Webinar (Video)

Posted by Geoff - comments

Today we hosted a number of webinars taking users through our new Contractors Module (and a bunch of other exciting changes this module will usher in). For those who couldn't make the session, we've uploaded a video recording to YouTube (and embedded it below). If you want to skip ahead to a specific section, here's...
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3 Mar, 2015

Sneak Peek at the All-New Contractors Module (and more!)

Posted by Geoff - comments

After being on our roadmap since Q3 of 2013 (see this post[resources/blog/product-roadmap-q3/#contractor] for our first hint of its development), our Contractors Module has been a long time coming. After being bumped for things that our users told us were higher priorities - requests module, projects module, timers, triggers & notifications, mobile apps, quotes module, automated timesheets...
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24 Feb, 2015

Triggers & Alerts for Contracts & Retainers Module

Posted by Hugh - comments

One of the most popular - and powerful - features we released last year was our new Triggers Module. For the first time, you could take advantage of a helper robot to run operations, making sure you don't miss out on that important sales follow up or to automatically close service tickets if they've been...
search friendly

11 Feb, 2015

New Search Engine now in Beta!

Posted by Hugh - comments

While it was common twenty years ago to find information based on codes and file numbers (of course 2003-03-C-03 meant the third complaint in March of 2003!), Google has taught the modern world to find information by searching for it. Our engineering team have been working hard over the last few months to make it easier...