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Triggers & Alerts for Contracts & Retainers Module

24 Feb, 2015 by Hugh - comments

One of the most popular - and powerful - features we released last year was our new Triggers Module. For the first time, you could take advantage of a helper robot to run operations, making sure you don't miss out on that important sales follow up or to automatically close service tickets if they've been...
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11 Feb, 2015

New Search Engine now in Beta!

Posted by Hugh - comments

While it was common twenty years ago to find information based on codes and file numbers (of course 2003-03-C-03 meant the third complaint in March of 2003!), Google has taught the modern world to find information by searching for it. Our engineering team have been working hard over the last few months to make it easier...
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30 Jan, 2015

Product Roadmap - Q1 2015

Posted by Geoff - comments

In previous quarters we've published product roadmaps that were, for want of a better word, aspirational. They highlighted our priorities and gave you insight into what we were working on and doing through the quarter, but with a quality attitude and an agile approach, more often than not things took longer than we anticipated to...
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29 Jan, 2015

Team Scheduling: More Awesome, Less Beta

Posted by Hugh - comments

We're excited to announce the launch of our new Team Scheduling module in AffinityLive. With Team Scheduling, you'll now have the ability to forecast workload for multiple users, making it easier than ever to keep productivity on point. Building on our beta releases late last year, today we've rolled out the last major feature for this...
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28 Jan, 2015

glibc security bug patched & systems updated

Posted by - comments

With a number of core library security bugs hitting the mainstream (Heartbleed and Shellshock being the most obvious examples) we wanted to quickly and proactively post to let all of our users know that a security flaw in the way Linux servers process hostname lookups known as Ghost (more details here) has been patched and...
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19 Jan, 2015

AffinityLive Android App v2

Posted by - comments

Get AffinityLive on Google Play While we've already had a few improvements roll out from our engineering labs already in 2015, today we're excited to announce our first major launch for the year: Version 2.0 of our AffinityLive Android app! After a number of months in development, this new app packs in more than three...
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12 Jan, 2015

Approve Work Screen - Updated for Tickets & Issues Module

Posted by Hugh - comments

What is the Work Approval process? It's an optional step when managing an issue (or retainer, or project) which enables the user to review, edit and approve activities for invoicing. Even if you don’t want to invoice for that issue, it’s handy for spotting time entry mistakes or moving some time to be non-billable. You can...
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18 Dec, 2014

Team Scheduling - Now 50% More Awesome!

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The year might almost be over, but our engineering team aren't done yet! Today, we're excited to announce a major upgrade to our newly launched Team Scheduling module - in addition to being insanely useful for moving work around between the schedules of your team, you're now able assign work to people too! Going from...
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10 Dec, 2014

AffinityLive iOS App v2

Posted by Geoff - comments

While we've still got another treat or two in store before Santa comes down the chimney, today we're excited to announce the launch of version 2.0 of our AffinityLive iOS app! Just in time for the holidays - when you're probably going to appreciate checking in from the beach or alpine bar - this new...

25 Nov, 2014

Introducing Team Scheduling Module (beta)

Posted by Hugh - comments

*After a number of months in planning and development, we're excited to announce the release of our new Team Scheduling module. Continue reading to see how it works, what we've got coming around the corner, and how to activate the beta in your own AffinityLive account.* What is Team Scheduling? Team Scheduling is AffinityLive’s powerful new...