Fight back the chat-app trend - start capturing every email with AffinityLive

25 Jun, 2015 by Eliana - comments

We are part of a transitional time period, where trends come and go and industries change rapidly. This change is apparent in one of the fastest growing industries - communication. It seems like every month there is a new app being released that is designed to save us all from the clunky mishaps of email....
ActivityStream IOS App

23 Jun, 2015

Bringing Activities to your Smartphone!

Posted by Hugh - comments

Activities are at the heart of AffinityLive - they're how people communicate, make notes, log time, send emails, track appointments and more. Until now, however, the ubiquity and flexibility of activities has meant their support in our mobile apps has been limited to just logging time - the cool stuff, like seeing activity streams, viewing...

12 Jun, 2015

We're Heading on the Road to the 2015 Datto Partner Conference

Posted by Eliana - comments

AffinityLive is excited to announce that we will be exhibiting and speaking at the 2015 Datto Partner Conference in New Orleans from June 15-17! If you are attending, please stop by booth 200 and say hello. We would love to talk with you and answer any of your questions about AffinityLive. In addition to some...

11 Jun, 2015

Now AffinityLive Knows Math! Custom Formula Fields Now Available

Posted by Hugh - comments

Our users have long told us how much they love our custom fields - whether it is for tracking key dates, picking from lists of options to make reporting easier or just being able to do away with those pesky spreadsheets for tracking lots of details on sales, projects, tickets and retainers, our custom fields...
PM Solution

4 Jun, 2015

4 Essential Features to Consider When Selecting a Project Management Solution

Posted by Eliana - comments

If you work in an organization where tracking your time is the norm, you may recognize the undesired reality that sets in when you have to fill out your timesheet on a Friday afternoon. You just finished a long, arduous week, and now you have to go in and remember what you actually did...
skill cor

29 May, 2015

Schedule Tasks To The Right Person With Skills Tagging!

Posted by Hugh - comments

Our Team Scheduling feature, first introduced just 6 months ago, has been incredibly popular with our users. One of the most common requests we've heard, however, is the ability to select groups of users when you're scheduling work. The most common request was the ability to assign "Skills" to your users, and then pull up...
Scope Creep

29 May, 2015

3 Ways to Deal with Scope Creep in Project Management

Posted by Eliana - comments

If you work in the professional service industry, you may recognize the typical scope-creeping scenario: you just signed a contract for a new project and you want to make sure that it’s on time and within budget. So to start off, you spend countless hours drafting the perfect timeline with hard deadlines to ensure that...

27 May, 2015

The Case for a Change in How Projects Are Managed

Posted by Eliana - comments

When it comes to managing any project, you need the appropriate resources, supplies and personnel. All this turns into a plan, which turns into tasks and an allocated budget that needs to be monitored and followed up on. Surprisingly, though, most project managers assume that shorter and smaller projects do not need to be monitored...
Mirren Preso 1

27 May, 2015

After the Win: Profitable Growth (Watch Now)

Posted by - comments

Watch Geoff McQueen’s recent presentation from Mirren Live New York 2015 where he builds on his recent feature in Harvard Business Review[]. Step by step, he breaks down a few simple and critical metrics that should be of focus for creating agency growth. Using his model, you have the opportunity to begin auditing your own agency to...
PM Communicate

21 May, 2015

The Secret to Successful Project Management

Posted by Eliana - comments

Communication is the foundation of human relationships, and it is the main element within our society that fosters our understanding of one another and the ideas we bring to projects in our personal and professional lives. *Effective Communication Leads to Hitting Goals and On-Time Projects* In a study done in 2013, PMI found[] that 80 percent of projects...